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   Our story began in late 2007 in a small room at the end of senior year high school. With only a desk, a pencil, and a troublesome imagination, our journey and brand was born with H.S. Crow. Our passion for stories and art stems from our desire to seek the 'what if.' H.S. Crow began our tale through the Universe of Caligo, a massive mythos spanning millions of years, and since that start, our worlds have only grown with Project Adrestia, Ghost Walker Chronicles, Lunora, Born of Rime, Glacias, and Stars of Glass.

   The Otherworlds Inc is a creative studio | publisher comprised of artists and writers seeking to create stories and art that challenge the heart and mind. From books to comics, music to film, and even games. We aim to explore every medium of storytelling.

   Creativity above all, and the revision of the past has been a great focus with our designs and tales. With the vision of our great team, we hope to bring you content that you enjoy, and products you can embrace. Let your identity soar with our designs and brand.  

   The Otherworlds Market is a shop dedicated to allow our artists the chance to draw what they desire, and for you to enjoy the result of their imagination. We also collaborate with other manufacturers if the items relate to the content we enjoy to represent.

   Thank you for checking us out! If you seek to contact us, please send a message, or email the business below.

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All feedback is important, even if you're feeling frustrated. You're important to us.

As a growing start-up with a lot to learn, we thank you for being a part of Otherworlds Inc.

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