White Scar Across the Firmament
White Scar Across the Firmament
White Scar Across the Firmament
White Scar Across the Firmament
White Scar Across the Firmament

White Scar Across the Firmament

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White Scar Across the Firmament: 

In a universe torn by celestial battles,

An Angel on the cusp of a major discovery lands on a distant world, only to find she's not alone.

Her arrival spirals into a gripping tale of destiny and danger,

Weaving through the cosmic tapestry of interstellar conflict and intrigue. 

Journey into the World of Cybernetic Angels and Technological Marvels

"Spanning centuries and star systems, this is epic-scope sci-fi with a beating heart, colliding planetary-scale events to ask intimate questions of what it means to crave connection, to feel isolation, to love another person. You've never read a book like this before." - Riley Redgate, author of Alone out Here

A Science Fiction Space Odyssey Like No Other

"Is our destiny written in the stars? 'White Scar Across the Firmament' unravels a cosmic tale of family, identity, and the fight for humanity's soul in the vastness of space."

OW's 2024 Top Sci Fi Fantasy Book 

The year is 2326, and amidst the stars, the settlers of Pilgrim's Progress ache for a sign. Any sign.

Captain Jonah Harrison, cut off by the centuries-long silence from Earth, discovers a cryptic message veiled within a meteor shower; a celestial warning, foretelling a conflict beyond his direst dreams.

The year is 2135. Earth teeters on the brink, its inhabitants awaiting judgement.

Jean Harrison, security consultant, uncovers a reality-shaking conspiracy, linking Earth's fate to cosmic forces with dimensions too vast to oppose or comprehend.

Set in a vast alien universe, 'White Scar Across the Firmament' intertwines the fates of the two Harrisons, separated by time, yet bound by destiny. This epic spans eons and light-years, presenting a profound exploration of human character and a man's struggle against both extraterrestrial forces and familial bonds.

An Alien Threat, Human Resilience: A True Family's Interstellar Saga

In the gripping novel 'White Scar Across the Firmament,' readers are launched into a future where humanity grapples with its identity amidst an alien threat. Captain Jonah Harrison embarks on a quest across the galaxy, confronting an otherworldly menace while facing turmoil within his own family. This narrative is not just a space odyssey; it's a profound exploration of human character against the backdrop of an expansive, alien universe.

Discover the Next Evolution in Sci-Fi Adventure

Embark on an interstellar odyssey with 'White Scar Across the Firmament' – where cosmic mystery meets high-octane action. For fans who reveled in the expansive universes of Alastair Reynolds and Arthur C. Clarke, this novel offers a unique blend of hard science fiction and gripping space warfare. Dive into a world where every decision shapes the fate of galaxies. Available now in e-book, and print formats.



Epic Space Adventure

Join Captain Jonah Harrison on an epic voyage through the vastness of space, facing extraterrestrial dangers and confronting personal challenges.

A Fusion of Science, Survival, and Spaces

"Step into a universe where the rules of survival are redefined. This novel takes you on an unforgettable journey through the dangers and wonders of space, blending meticulous scientific detail with fast-paced action. Perfect for readers who love their sci-fi to be as intellectually stimulating as it is exhilarating. Available now for those who dare to explore the unknown."

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White Scar Across The Firmament by A.N. Milne


This novel contains events spanning across hundreds of years along with concept art and secret nuggets that any hardcore fan would love to have. A Poster is included! 

Trim Size: 6" x 9" (15.24cm x 22.86cm)
Page Count: 515
Style: Novel Cover Matte Finish
Internal Pages: Color: Cream

Creative Team:
Author | Creator: A.N. Milne
Lead Artist: Kev Liew
Editor: H.S. Crow and Camielle Adams
Cover Artist: Sierra Ashevaili Rottman
Junior Concept Artist: Nika Art
Publisher: Otherworlds Inc

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