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Calling all fantasy enthusiasts! Welcome to the Otherworlds Inc. (OW) family, where even the hobgoblins are welcome. At OW, we believe in supporting our fellow artists, no matter their class. And what better way to show your support than by getting to know our team of talented 2D artists? From goblins to wizards, our team is a diverse bunch, each bringing their own unique skills and perspectives to the table. So come on in, take a scroll and get to know the talented individuals behind the magic at OW. Your support is the greatest gift you can give us! 



Dhia T. Muros is a freelance artist based in the Philippines. Dhia loves gaming and everything related to art (from traditional to digital art). She works as a game artist, graphic artist, illustrator, and sometimes a video editor. Her art style varies from a cartoon and anime style to a semi-realistic style, depending on the project she is working on. Aside from doing art, Dhia likes watching random videos on the internet. She loves the horror and fantasy genre, especially the old ones that use practical effects instead of CGI.


Combining her love for art and games, Dhia started working with Otherworlds inc. as a UI Artist in 2020 and is still actively working with the team. Working with the OW team has always been an exciting opportunity to share her enthusiasm for making art for games and learning new things from the other team artists.





Diki Firmansyah

Hi, My name is Diki Firmansyah, my nationality is Indonesian, my style is anime, I'm 20 years old,and my preferred color scheme is white and black. I am a digital artist, I use MediBang Paint Pro.


I started my career as an artist when I graduated from school; I was 18 years old and started my career because of economic needs. I also wanted to maximize the abilities that I have, so I started through several accounts, namely Facebook and then on fiverr although it was difficult at first.


I think OW is a very great organization and I am very grateful for being invited to join it, hopefully OW will continue to advance.


My dream is to have my own business, namely a business in the anime genre: clothing and so on. I would also like to build a house for my parents. I want to be a support for my family and younger siblings.


My social media is ig@diki_senseiv2



Hi! My name is Andrei Carbonilla, also known as Kaheladuuh. I work as a freelance artist in the Philippines.

I create illustrations with warm colors and a soothing atmosphere. Cartoon and anime styles are my preferred drawing techniques. I enjoy drawing couples and warm-hearted illustrations.

Aside from art, I enjoy watching dramas, particularly Korean ones. I also enjoy taking photographs when I'm outside.


Hey guys! My name is Shannon, Aka Kaloeen. As a US based artist, I specialize in character design, as well as Graphic design. As much as I love those specialties, I attended college for overall Computer Science in Animation at Full Sail University in Orlando, FL.


I have experience in many fields, such as 3D Modeling, Sculpting, 2D Animation, Movie Effects, and more. Even though I have trained in multiple media's, 2D animation, Comic creation and Character Design have always been my passion as well as creating stories and worlds. I also dabble in Twitch Emotes and Twitch layouts on the side, and you can find my works on my Social Media, @Kaloeen!


Besides my Art, ive found joys in Cooking, Baking, and other artistic mediums that bring out creativity. I enjoy expressing myself through my works and I hope its something people can see when they look at my media.


Heya! I’m Karlee Ludvik. I’m a US based artist that specializes in linework and painting, but my passion is animal anatomy and creature design. I grew up on a ranch in the Midwest and got my Bachelor of Fine Arts from San Jose State University with an emphasis in visual illustration.

I mainly specialize in concept art, but I have some experience in 3D modeling and a lot of experience in sculpting and texturing. My drawing style constantly changes and adapts to my projects and moods so I'm somewhat of a jack of all trades with art. I hope to be able to continue doing creature design here and there until I find a city I feel like I can settle down in. Ever since I graduated college, I've been floating around the US looking for a place I feel comfortable in. Until then, my home is wherever my two lil’ reptiles, Ched and Huey, are.

I took a long break from social media for personal reasons, but please check out my Dinovember doodles on my instagram @drakirin!


Kevin Lew 


Hi there! :) my name is Nat. I'm currently 20 years old and I'm living in the wonderful Frankfurt, Germany. I'm a freelance concept artist / illustrator and animator, primary in films and gaming. I focus on character / creature design and environment-object-art in the fantasy field. But to be honest I enjoy working on everything if it interests me. :D I started learning digital painting / drawing when I was 11, so almost 10 years ago now and decided at that time to work as a concept artist. Coming up with great, beautiful and storytelling designs (environmental, character- or object-wise), is what I want to do until I bite the dust. My biggest inspiration in the industry is Marc Brunet, an ex-lead-artist that worked for blizzard entertainment for over 20 years.
I studied "animation & game" for 2 semesters last year, but I'm taking a break now, because I want to study digital games. Meanwhile, I want to concentrate on improving my art style and work as a freelancer to fill my portfolio. :)


Heey, my name is Nawa, I'm 22yo and I live in Finland. Even tho my passion is and has always been in art, I'm about to graduate as a building engineer in the end of next month. So, I didn't quite follow my passion with my career choice, but I still try to keep my art side alive as a hobbyist.

I've been working on Glacias with Yaruno over 2 years straight, and there's still some way to go. I'm currently working full time as a site engineer, finishing my last school projects and trying to keep my art schedule for Glacias going. It all keeps me really busy.


Hello, my name is Nika, I'm a 24-year old Iranian girl living in Turkey. I'm a digital artist, I have been drawing since I was a child; now I like to draw characters and portraits. I can also do 2D animations with my team. I really enjoy creating characters that people dream about. I always like to work with companies and working with OW is one of the best experiences, their team is very professional and so kind to me. My hope is that we can do more work together and grow with each other.

This is my Instagram account so you can see my art work; hope you enjoy my works as much as I enjoy creating them


I'm Rog, a game developer, lead game designer and pixel artist. I love creating stories, games and amazing content to my tiny amount of followers. I'm starting my own team called Pizza Time lately, it's being really cool.

I like music, a lot, any kind, and I like weird games such as space Station 13 and Cataclysm DDA. My dream is to create a successful game community and get paid to do what I love and want games that explore different mechanics. Although I love creating stories, I'm not in for that, I'm in for the mechanics.


Hi there! My name is Rodzzer, I'm 25 years old and live in Brazil. I have a bachelor’s in visual arts, and I've been working with Illustration (including some comics) for the past 6 - 7 years. I'm also a tattoo artist trying to make my way into the game industry. Videogames are my passion and in the last few months I've managed to create a little environment concept art portfolio which OW saw and now here I am :D Basically, I love making beautiful things and if I have the opportunity to turn them into games, count me in!



My name is Stephan aka Shozart, I'm 39 years old from France. I began my career in 2018. My style is basically fantasy, and a little bit of sci-fi. I do illustrations and concept art for board games, books and cards...



My name is Sierra Ashe, I'm an art director and co-founder of the otherworlds inc. I'm 23 years old, I have a passion for art and creativity and work in many mediums.


Find me on instagram @ashevaili_art or tiktok @ashevaili




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