FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions):

Does my Purchases Help the Creators?

Yes. Every purchase helps our Creators, and the Otherworlds Inc Team as a whole. It allows us to make a living in order to dedicate in creating more wonderful stories or games for you to enjoy. It doesn't hurt that our items are made with the highest quality from our Printful manufacturers :).

We love doing what we do, and we thank you for any support.

Do I need to check the sizing charts for each item?

Yes. Every time you consider ordering an item with us. Please check the sizing charts. Each sizing chart will be specific to the item being sold, and if you notice one missing, please let us know to fix the issue. Once you order an item, there is no returns, so please make sure to measure yourself since each item is made the moment you purchased it and sized for you. We use Print on Demand outlets such as Printful to make sure that every item is made new and just for you.


What is the difference between Originals and Collaborator?

Otherworlds Inc Originals or OW Originals are made by us and are often based on our intellectual properties or our interpretations of properties that inspired us. Regardless, they are all 100% made from our imagination.

However, Collaborator items are not made by us. We have other merchants that sell their items through our store outlet. Often, these items fit the niche and our hope is that you may enjoy a wider selection of anime or comic related merch. We like to be transparent, some items may be processed through drop shipping as well.

We get a small percentage from these items which also help our company and team continue making comics or games.

We do not own, nor do we manage the items that are shipped from these outside manufacturers.

We track the shipments and sample items prior to insure quality. If the items shipped by a Collaborator is not at the highest quality or something is amiss, please let us know in order for us to either fix the issue or discontinue it. 

Do I need to pay for tax or imports if I live outside of the USA?

Yes. For anyone living in the EU or UK, the Brexit Transition Period ends on December 31, 2020. As a result, effective January 1, 2021, new laws will apply to sales between the UK and the EU. This change might make it necessary to review and update the tax processes, and thus we have to make sure you as a fellow customer is aware.

Even Merchants who sell between the UK and EU countries might require VAT registrations in additional countries, or require customers to pay for their own imports and taxes. 

There are two popular commercial terms, or Incoterms:

  • Delivered Duty Paid (DDP). This term indicates that the seller is assuming responsibility for any import costs, such as VAT and duties, that might be payable when goods cross borders. This option keeps your customer from paying unexpected fees or taxes on receipt of the goods, but DDP requires you to manage the import process, and might create VAT registration obligations.
  • Delivered At Place (DAP). This term indicates that the seller only takes responsibility for shipping the product, and requires the customer to pay any import costs, such as VAT, duties, and clearing fees. This option might keep you from having to manage the import process, but DAP creates unexpected costs for your customer and can result in delayed or returned shipments.

We're responsible for deciding which Incoterms we use, but due to our company still being a start up and not having enough resources to set this up. We have chosen to become a DAP or Delivered At Place. 

We must make sure that you as the customer is aware that for most EU member states, you may be required to take on all charges and taxes the state or country you live in might charge you for. This also applies to any other state or country outside of the USA. 


Why is my order taking so long lately?

Recently, we have seen a longer wait on the time frame for shipments when items go out due to Covid-19 and also changes with our manufacturers. Orders that would have taken normally 2-4 weeks, may take longer.

However, we have tracking on all items shipped and we are constantly monitoring shipped items to make sure you get your item. If by any chance, you have not received your item or it has taken longer than 7 weeks, please feel free to contact us. 

Hopefully, things will return to normalcy soon, but until then please bear with us. We are still creating wonderful items and your support helps us continue making new stories or games.