Lunora: Issue 1
Lunora: Issue 1
Lunora: Issue 1
Lunora: Issue 1
Lunora: Issue 1
Lunora: Issue 1
Lunora: Issue 1
Lunora: Issue 1
Lunora: Issue 1

Lunora: Issue 1

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Lunora: Issue 1

Experience a tale spanning generations of
warring kingdoms, 
broken worlds,
cursed Gods, eternal love,
and the curse of eternity. 

Journey Beyond the Mortal Veil

In an age where the cosmos itself trembles, there lies a realm where time is more traitor than truth. Here, legends are not mere tales whispered in the dark; they are harbingers of doom, writ in starlight and blood.

Lunora: A Book of Sand

Iko, known in hushed tones as the Kakuiko-Yaga, is no mere wanderer. He is fire incarnate, a beacon of defiance against Gods themselves. For in his heart burns an eternal love, a promise to Lunora that no deity nor destiny can extinguish.

Best New Isekai Manga of 2023

Amidst ancient kingdoms on the brink of annihilation and the lurking shadows of forgotten Eldritch Gods, our hero isn't alone. By his side, Naeva, a tempest of freedom and fury; Jabari, whose thirst for vengeance eclipses the mightiest rivers; Aeela, the thief whose mistrust is as sharp as her blade; and a tormented alchemist, whose past echoes with the screams of nations long turned to dust.

Manga Similar to Berserk

Picture the intricate plots of 'Game of Thrones', the magical allure of 'Legend of Zelda', the fierce spirits of 'Avatar the Last Airbender', and the cosmic dance of 'Steins;Gate' and 'Berserk'. Now, blend them into a tale that’s destined to be sung by bards for eons.

Webtoon of 2023

 Lunora held my a mysterious woman

Best Seinen Fantasy Manga of 2023

Within this 72-page tome, not only will you find a tale to chill your bones and warm your heart, but art that promises to stir your very soul. Gaze upon two exclusive portraits, venture behind the veiled curtain with exclusive glimpses of creation, and witness a realm birthed by H.S. Crow, nurtured by Kev Liew and Sierra Ashevaili Rottman of Otherworlds Inc.

New Fantasy Comics

Seek no further. Lunora beckons. Let her tales ensnare your spirit, her characters become your companions, and her world your ultimate escape.

Order 'Lunora: Issue 1'. For in its pages, destinies intertwine, and legends are reborn.

Lunora by H.S. Crow


This Comicbook contains issues 1 of Lunora along with concept art and secret nuggets that any hardcore fan would love to have. 

Trim Size: 6.750" x 10.250" (260mm x 171mm)
Page Count: 72
Style: Comicbook Cover Gloss Finish
Internal Pages: Color: Ultra Premium Color

Creative Team:
Author | Creator: H.S. Crow
Art Director and Co-Creator: Sierra Ashevaili Rottman
Mangaka Inker: Kev Liew
Coloring Assistant: Nika Art
Publisher: Otherworlds Inc

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