Glacias: Issue 1-2
Glacias: Issue 1-2
Glacias: Issue 1-2
Glacias: Issue 1-2
Glacias: Issue 1-2
Glacias: Issue 1-2
Glacias: Issue 1-2
Glacias: Issue 1-2
Glacias: Issue 1-2
Glacias: Issue 1-2

Glacias: Issue 1-2

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Glacias: Issue 1-2

Glacias, a sanctuary, 
representing coexistence . . .
Still the dream of one young man
who hopes to render change. 

Journey into the World of Dragons

Immerse yourself in the captivating universe of Glacias, where the dreams of a unique orphan boy, Juka, defy the longstanding divisions between humans and dragons. Together with his steadfast water dragon and dear companion, Lyth, he sets out on a quest to confront age-old prejudices and foster transformative change.

A Dragon Fantasy Comic Book For All Ages

The noble quest Juka embarks upon seeks to unite two diverse species, dragons and humans, in harmony. The daring vision of peaceful coexistence propels him into an arduous journey filled with challenges and revelations. Yet, the path to unity is threatened by the ambitious and alleged dauntless protectors of humankind, Dragon Hunters, who seek to end all dragons. Coveting the elemental weapons that promise absolute power, they could catapult the realm of Glacias into an unending era of war.

A Visual and Narrative Feast for Fans of Dragons and Comics like Wings of Fire

Juka's journey is fraught with peril, as he encounters tyrant lords, treachery, unyielding warriors, and the divine wrath of a scorned Dragon Sage. Each poses formidable obstacles to his path, testing his courage and resolve. Driven by a radiant beacon of hope, the whisper of Glacium, can Juka shatter the cycle of ceaseless conflict and weave his dream of unity into reality? Or will the flame of peace be extinguished by the storm of war?

Glacias unfolds as a riveting saga, underscoring the resilience of friendship, the courage to persevere, and the invincible power of dreams against insurmountable odds.

Perfect for Kids who Enjoy Stories like the How to Train Your Dragon Book or the Dragon Prince Comic Series

Our dragon comic, Glacias, is a perfect pick for fans of the popular dragon series Wings of Fire and HTTYD, and here's why! Like Wings of Fire, Glacias delivers a compelling narrative, packed with epic quests, complex characters, DRAGONS, and thrilling adventures. The tale of Juka, a boy raised by a dragon, daring to dream of a world where humans and dragons live in harmony, echoes the overarching theme of unity found in Wings of Fire.


Dragon Illustrations and Dragon Lore

Glacias boasts beautiful, painterly art by the talented Nawa that truly brings the story to life. Its exquisite, full-color illustrations are unique and easy to become enchanted by. The atmospheric landscapes, the nuanced expressions of the characters, and the dynamic depictions of dragons are sure to captivate lovers of art and fantasy.

A YA Fantasy Graphic Novel Exploring the Power of Hope and Dreams

Glacias Issue 1-2 is more than just a children's comic series—it's storytelling done right. In a masterfully illustrated 80-page journey, this narrative challenges the status quo, provoking thought and discussion on prejudice while captivating minds of all ages. It's a tale of unity, defiance, and daring to dream. Because in its core, Glacias isn't just a story—it's an idea, and ideas can change the world. Prepare to experience a heartwarming journey alongside dragons in a whole new light.

Buy Glacias now Future Dragon Rider!

Glacias by Yaruno and Nawa


This Comicbook Flipbook contains issues 1-2 of Glacias along with concept art and secret nuggets that any hardcore fan would love to have. 

Trim Size: 6.750" x 10.250" (260mm x 171mm)
Page Count: 82
Style: Comicbook Cover Gloss Finish
Internal Pages: Color: Ultra Premium Color

Creative Team:
Author | Creator: Yaruno
Lead Artist and Co-Creator: Nawa
Editor: H.S. Crow
Art Director | Artist: Sierra Ashevaili Rottman
Formatter: Rahpak and Nika
Publisher: Otherworlds Inc

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